Proud to Be Your Neighborhood Justice of the Peace

Dear Neighbor, 

Our Justice of the Peace courts are often the first contact many of our fellow neighbors have with the judicial system in Dallas County.  It is our responsibility to ensure that all people have access to a fair and efficient court system.

I am privileged to serve as your Justice of the Peace in Precinct 5, Place 1, and I am seeking your support in my re-election effort.   Staff and I have worked diligently to provide the transparency, efficiency and accessibility I pledged to provide inside the court room and in the community.  Combined, we offer the residents of Dallas over 85 years of court and law experience.  I am proud of the work that the office has accomplished, but we have more to do.  Join me in this effort to continue providing the very best service to Dallas County on election day, March 6, 2018!  


Early Voting: Feb 20th – March 2nd

Election Day: March 6, 2018

Here's My Story

Your generous support of any amount will go a long way to helping our campaign connect with other neighbors across Precinct 5.

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